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PaleyFest: Post-Walking Dead


The day after The Walking Dead panel and we are still talking about it. It was so amazing to see the cast there live.   So many funny moments, some wise insights from Scott Wilson (Hershel) and even some tears from Laurie Holden (Andrea).  Plus, an almost hookup between Norman Reedus (Daryl) and a random woman in the audience!  Chris Hardwick, host of The Talking Dead, was the perfect moderator.  He asked the right questions, kept conversation going, knew when to add humor and best of all, knew how to handle the crazies in the crowd.  No, crazy old Hawaiian man, we don’t want to know about your zombie dreams.  And no, insane screaming lady in the balcony, for the third time, we are NOT taking questions from the balcony.  And best of all, to the woman who was supposed to be asking a question, but who instead repeatedly told us random things about the people she came with, how ’bout we DON’T talk about all that during an event that’s streaming LIVE online and to over 600 theatres across the country right now?


But despite (and let’s face it, a little because of) all the audience cuckoos, the event was so much fun.  We got to see a big portion of the episode set to air this Sunday, which cut off at an amazing moment for Carl.  Right as it cut, everyone in the audience released a collective, “Woah!”  And the episode excerpt was followed by a bunch of behind-the-scenes footage filmed just for PaleyFest.  It included a lot of special effects tidbits, including an unnecessarily close look at exactly how Andrea was able to chop off the zombie’s arms and bash in his teeth in last week’s episode.  Yuck.  And kinda awesome.

Here’s the panel lineup:

Robert Kirkman, Executive Producer
Gale Anne Hurd, Executive Producer
Dave Alpert, Executive Producer
Greg Nicotero, Executive Producer
Andrew Lincoln, “Rick Grimes”
Danai Gurira, “Michonne”
Laurie Holden, “Andrea”
Steven Yeun, “Glenn Rhee”
Norman Reedus, “Daryl Dixon”
Scott Wilson, “Hershel Greene”
Emily Kinney, “Beth Greene”
Moderator: Chris Hardwick, Host, The Talking Dead


Chris Hardwick [to Steven Yeun]:   “What would be Glen’s ideal way for things to work out?”

Steven:  “He would be happy if the Governor was dead and if he and Maggie were alone in a field of……food.”

PaleyFest Walking Dead


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