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Irish Breakfast

An early Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all of you! Here are three Irish food posts from last year.  Helpful to get you in the Irish mood and get you inspired to create some traditional dishes in your homes this year!  Hope you enjoy.

A big, Irish Maidin Mhaith to you!  That’s Gaelic for “Good Morning” and it’s what I wish to each of you on this lovely March morning.  We love Ireland in this home. We’ve been there many times and have fallen in love with the culture, the countryside and the cuisine, so for this St. Patrick’s Day, we decided to go Irish with all of our meals. One of our favorite things about Ireland is the Bed & Breakfasts we always stay in when we’re there and how each morning, you can be sure you’re going to be served a fabulous full Irish breakfast.  So this St. Patrick’s morning, we recreated that traditional meal (sans black pudding…’s good, but you have to be in a certain kind of mood to appreciate blood for breakfast).

An Irish ‘Good Morning’ to you!
I love ingredient-gathering
The staple of any Irish meal?  Wonderful, hot, freshly
steeped tea.  Make sure your water is boiling before
pouring over your teabag, into your teapot.
We love Bewley’s Irish Breakfast Tea
(pay no attention to the Sun Leaf in the picture)
Our Irish version of a traditional Danish pancake,
Potato & Leek Ebelskivers.
They’re just lovely when playfully tossed onto a steel platter.
Fried eggs, Irish bacon, fried tomato, beans on toast,
potato leek pancakes with applesauce and, of course, tea.
Our version of Irish lace are these vinyl, die-cut doily coasters,
by DCI Product.  Lovely AND easy to clean!

Does this seem like a lot of food to you??  It is, but it isn’t nearly as much as you would get in Ireland. They would have included sausage, black & white pudding (blood sausage) and maybe even fried potatoes.  After a meal like this, you don’t really need to eat again for the rest of the day.  But you’re not going to get off so easily here!  We still have a whole Irish lunch and dinner for you!


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