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Irish Dinner & Dessert

Last year, I cooked a lot for St. Patrick’s Day, but didn’t get to post anything until after the fact.  I decided to repost those old entries this year, before St. Patrick’s Day, incase any of you are looking for inspiration when getting ready to celebrate.  Here is my dinner & dessert entry:

Yum….the loft smells like corned beef and cabbage.  The potatoes are chopped and boiling on the stove, just waiting to be mashed up with all of their pretty red skin still intact.  The thumping beat of Gaelic Storm is playing in the background. This has been a very fun St. Patrick’s Day — food wise and otherwise.  I love starting new traditions!  We’ve been so pleased with everything we’ve made today. I just know these recipes will be joyfully anticipated each year!

Love our vintage green pot — perfect for boiling potatoes!
First time making corned beef & cabbage – a success!
Put the cabbage in only for the last
30 mins and it will keep a little of its crunch!
A colorful presentation makes every bite taste better!

This has been quite a day full of yummy food!  But I have to say, it’s probably a good thing we don’t eat like this every day — I’m so full!! Can’t wait for our next trip back to our favorite European island. That’s it for now.  Until next time…..


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