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Irish Lunch

Reposted from my old blog – hope you enjoy these delicious meals as much as we did!

This was my favorite of our three Irish meals today.  It tasted the most like a perfect afternoon spent in a dark booth in one of Ireland’s many pubs.  Potato and leek soup, Irish brown soda bread served with Kerrygold butter, Dubliner cheese and a pot of Bewley’s tea. Wonderful.  Mike even made himself an Irish “toasty” (a toasted meat and cheese sandwich).  Irish lunch is so much fun.  I’ll just let the pictures tell the story…

Don’t forget the Kerrygold!
Making brown soda bread from scratch is so fun!
Cut a cross in your dough so the bread
can separate while baking.
The crustier, the better!
Adding freshly chopped leeks – everything smells so good!
We first had this sharp cheese on our honeymoon in Ireland.
It has become one of our favorites!
Presentation may not be everything,
but it sure makes me happy!
Simply delicious.
No Irish meal would be complete without
Bewley’s Irish Tea (especially when it was brought
home from Ireland in your suitcase)!  And somehow
even better when served in antique Fiesta teacups 🙂

That was amazing.  I’m so full.  Now……..on to dinner!


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