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PaleyFest: New Girl

PaleyFest New Girl

Last night was one of the best PaleyFest events to date.  The cast and producers of New Girl were once again incredibly funny and as always, added just the right amount of touching moments to the evening.  Liz Meriwether started out as her typical, self-effacing self, but by the end of the night was cursing and giving away spoilers. Zooey was adorable, as always.  Jake (Nick) was endearingly awkward.  Lamorne (Winston) was hilarious and Max (Schmidt) was uncharacteristically insightful, much to the chagrin of Jake, who could never seem to find the right words when put on the spot.  We got to see the UH-MAZE-ING new episode of New Girl, which airs next Tuesday, March 19th at 9/8pm CST.  I gave spoilers on Twitter (Yes! The episode is Nick & Jess heavy!), so if you’re curious, follow me there @TheWonderWench.  Best of all, they gave away tons of secret info about upcoming episodes!

“He gets really overzealous with some lube”  – Liz Meriwether on Fat Schmidt in an upcoming episode

Elizabeth Meriwether, Creator & Executive Producer
Brett Baer, Executive Producer
Dave Finkel, Executive Producer
Jake Kasdan, Executive Producer
Katherine Pope, Executive Producer
Zooey Deschanel, “Jess”
Max Greenfield, “Schmidt”
Jake Johnson, “Nick”
Lamorne Morris, “Winston”
Hannah Simone, “Cece”
Moderator: Rob Moynihan, LA Correspondent, TV Guide Magazine

New Girl News

    • It is confirmed, New Girl is definitely coming back for a third season on Fox

    • We will meet Nick’s family at their home in Chicago in an upcoming episode

    • Zooey will play Elvis in that same episode

    • The cast is currently shooting an entire flashback episode where we get to see how each of them lost their virginity

    • Yes, Fat Schmidt will definitely be appearing in that episode

    • Rob Reiner will be back this season

    • We might find out Schmidt’s first name, but Max hopes to never know it

    • Zooey wants her sister, Emily Deschanel, to appear as a guest soon

Don’t miss next week’s episode, especially if  you’re a Nick/Jess fan!! This one is full of intense moments you won’t be expecting!  Let me know what you think after you’ve watched it!  🙂

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