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I don’t know about you, but for a long time now I’ve been so bored by the standard lightbulb. Incandescent bulbs use too much energy and are so last century.  Fluorescent bulbs, with their tightly wound coil, were unique at first, but are not as interesting anymore.  And they’re certainly not worthy of being highlighted sans shade.  You definitely need to cover those suckers up.  Honestly, the lightbulb hasn’t been truly beautiful since the exposed filament bulbs of the late 19th century. But that all changes now.

Drop Cap Pendant Copper with Plumen lightbulb by Hulger

Introducing…The Drop Cap + Pendant Set by Hulger; the perfect way to display their elegant and precedent setting Plumen bulb.  It almost looks like an enlarged filament from inside those original incandescent bulbs.  The Plumen 001 is the world’s first designer low energy light bulb.  It works the same way your typical compact fluorescent bulb.  But with its sleek, purposeful design, now your lightbulbs can make a statement of their own.

The Plumen comes in two different sizes, so it fits most shades and fixtures.  The Drop Cap + Pendant Set comes in four different finishes: White, Black, Copper (shown) and Red, with matching fabric-wrapped cords.  And at $30-$45 each, they are an affordable way to get yourself some high designed style!

They look stunning no matter how you choose to hang them — individually, tied up in a playful knot, artfully tangled together or arranged in a row for the OCD.  The weaving, looping line of the bulb is a work of art, giving your eye constant movement the more you look.  It appears different from every angle, at some points almost taking on the appearance of Celtic knot work.  I appreciate the time and the thought that went into designing and crafting this gorgeous new product.  I can picture just the right spot for them in my home…..

Drop Cap Pendant Copper with Plumen lightbulb by Hulger

Plumen lightbulb with black basket shade by Hulger

And if the exposed bulb by itself is too much for you, try combining it with one of Hulger’s many shade options like this black basket shade.


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